The first thing we should know is: you don’t gain muscle mass overnight. Especially if you want to know how to gain muscle mass in a healthy way, you have to understand that this will be a long-term project.

Many people practice physical activity to guarantee muscle mass gain, whether for aesthetic reasons or in the search for a healthier life and better sports performance.

Regardless of the reason, the increase in this tissue involves a series of phenomena ranging from the hormonal state to the choice of exercise. But they also involve rest and food.

To guarantee mass gain you need to be consistent in the gym. After all, the first few days of training may not be easy, in addition, you will be tired and will not see immediate results.

So, how to gain muscle mass?

To gain muscle mass it is not necessary to exercise excessively and setting goals for your routine can increase your motivation more and more.

Another question is: whoever wants to gain mass has to keep an eye on food. Having a healthy diet is essential because if there are not enough proteins we will use the additional proteins as an energy source.

This way, we will be losing mass and not gaining. See some nutritional tips on how to gain muscle mass.

Homem com músculos definidos mostrando como ganhar massa muscular.

Eat enough

If you want to gain a pound of muscle mass, a positive balance of 500 to 1000 calories per day is required. This means that you should increase the amount of food you are used to eating daily.

Consuming Proteins

Protein intake is essential for good muscle development. Think of an average of a minimum of 1gram per pound you have. If you practice intense training, this average should double. The protein will assist in the regeneration of muscle miofibrilas during training.

Adding small amounts of protein to meals can improve the level of amino acids in the blood. This facilitates muscle development.

Carbohydrate consumption

When we want to gain muscle we have to eat enough carbohydrates. The recommended is an average of 3 to 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilo. This is essential to have energy and be able to carry out training, which can be demanding and intense. But not only that: hydrates help with muscle recovery. We already wrote about them here on the blog.

Consume Fats

Yes, unsaturated fats are important. Whoever wants to gain muscle mass cannot remove all the fat from their food. They are necessary to produce thermogenesis and metabolize adipose tissue. In addition to protecting the muscles by catabolizing and allowing the practice of more intense training.

Don’t you know the difference between good fats and bad fats ?! Here you can find everything about them.

Drink water

Water consumption is generally positive. Drink water and after training, in the same way that during the day it prevents dehydration. Dehydration is undesirable because, however small, it influences the athletic ability of athletes. Water is fundamental for the functioning of the organisms, after all, our muscles are composed of 60% water.


Antioxidants are fundamental in the process of deterioration of muscle cells. Vitamins C and E favor the anabolic process in the recovery, regeneration and cellular growth of muscles.

Dried fruits can help you

They are rich in fiber, healthy fats and proteins. their consumption is very useful in the spaces between meals, or even to improve the amount of protein in a dish. Dried fruits are ideal before bed, as their fibers and fats help digestion. Likewise, amino acids remain in the body longer, helping to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass during sleep.

Eat a lot of meals

Try to eat five or six meals daily. Choose an interval of two or three hours between them. That way you will have a more stable glucose level and your muscles will always be full of energy. This will help you gain muscle mass.

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