Benefits of bananas in pre-race training

The theme of food before and after the races is always surrounded by myths. Therefore, it is important to know how the nutrients that food provides to our body behave, and it depends on our physical state. In this article we will explain the benefits of bananas in pre-race training.

This article deals with the importance of consuming fruits, especially bananas. For those who don’t know, bananas are one of the best energetic and restorative fruits, they provide a fundamental amount of nutrients and vitamins. So it is an excellent food for both runners and other athletes.

Why the banana in pre-race training?

Bananas are like cereal bars, but from natural sources. They have an essential amount of easily absorbed carbohydrates and potassium, which help maintain muscle function in our bodies.

As the body does not store potassium for so long, anyone who chooses to eat a banana before running training keeps nutritional levels high. The banana is highly recommended especially for runners who train in the morning.

In these cases: Banana consumption can be made in the form of a vitamin, beaten with yogurt or milk and consumed half an hour before training.

Green banana or ripe banana?

Banana Verde

The green banana has 80% starch and only about 8% sucrose. In other words: the nutrients that a banana can bring are of the molecular polysaccharide type, a type of glucose that ensures the release of energy frequently into our bloodstream.

Ripe banana

Making a comparison we can say that the ripe banana contains up to 90% sucrose and only 7 starch. Sucrose, in turn, is formed by a molecule that contains glucose, so the absorption in the blood is much faster and this has more impact on blood glucose. The variation of nutrients can change according to the status of the banana (more or less ripe).

Depending on the nutrients the runner needs to obtain it will be possible to know whether the choice should be green or ripe bananas. In other words: it depends on what type of running training you are going to do.

The banana will bring energy to the athlete during training. It is recommended to eat this food up to 30 minutes before starting the activities of your running routine. Whoever chooses this routine will have more resistance and the consumption of bananas will help to reduce weaknesses during the race.

Benefits of bananas

  • Contains energy needed for pre-training;
  • Improves endurance and physical performance;
  • It is a totally natural food, easy to buy and healthy;
  • Contains potassium, B6 vitamins and fiber;

The banana is considered a fitness fruit because it is a good option for anyone who conducts training. For those who practice running it can be the ideal food for pre-workout.

Nutritional properties of bananas (100g)

Fat: 0.27g.

Calories: 95 kcal

Sodium 1mg

Cholesterol: 0mg

Fibers: 2.55g.

Carbohydrates: 20.80g

Sugar: 17.57g.

Proteins: 1.06g.

Vitamins: A, B and C

Calcium: 7.30mg

Iron: 0.59mg.

See? The banana is undoubtedly one of the best options for pre-race training. Do you already have this custom? Do you want to start after reading this article? Tell the agent how was your experience in the comments of this post.