Anyone who practices running as a physical activity knows very well that the best source of energy for athletes should always be a balanced diet.

However, there are situations where it is necessary to use vitamin supplements to guarantee a better performance. In this article we will cover Pre-workout Supplements for runners.

The first important thing to know is that healthy food should never be replaced by pills and supplements.

A balanced and healthy diet is always the best option for those who practice this sport. Another fact is: the more physical effort we make the greater the need for calories, vitamins, minerals and nutrients on the part of our body.

Therefore, it is usual that runners need to complement their diet routine with some complexes of vitamins and minerals to avoid any type of deficiency that the menu may leave.

We’ve already written here about how the Whey Protein Supplement for Athletes can help you.

Over time the pharmaceutical industry has advanced a lot and currently there are several types of supplements on the market adapted to the special needs of various athletes.

In the case of pre-workout running supplementation it can help in the following ways:

Improve performance during training

Reduce the risk of inflammation and prevent and heal injuries

We can also use post-workout supplementation when we want to:

-> Recovery after the effort made

-> Improve and stimulate the regeneration and reconstruction of our muscle tissues

Just as vehicles need fuel, so when we are going to run we need them. The greater the intensity of the training, the greater the energy expenditure required to perform the activity. In these cases, a little help from supplements in the form of a gel, bar or energy drink may be an option. There are several types but in short the common thing is the distinction between two types:

  • Carbohydrates that provide a fast energy supply. they are almost always available in liquid form.

These are mixtures of sugars that our bodies assimilate quickly (glucose) and others that take longer to assimilate (such as dextrin, starch and maltodextrin)

  • Carbohydrates that provide energy in a lasting and constant way. These are usually available in the form of beats that we take before running training or the race. They combine carbohydrates with proteins in different proportions. Ingestion can also be done during the run itself. It is always worth consulting a professional to see the best product for your need and type of training.

5 supplements for pre-race training

Essential amino acids

Often comes in tablet form, but also in “gum and powder” form. This supplement contains a variety of amino acids that are available in our body.


They are powdered supplements based on carbohydrates with slow combustion. They are produced based on maltodextrin and will help you achieve better yields.


It should be consumed half an hour before running. This supplement will use your fat reserves as an energy source during the run.

Whey Protein

Should be taken 20 minutes before training (as this is the absorption time).


Even though it is not an essential amino acid, we can find it in our muscle tissue. Five grams diluted in some liquid is enough to strengthen you. It also helps in the immune system.