Did you know that proper sports nutrition is essential to maintain a good performance in sports? More than that, have you thought about how it can influence your group?

You should already know that for those who play sports, energy is the main fuel.

Alimentos que podem ser usados nutrição esportiva sendo essenciais do grupo de corrida.

If in cars, for example, energy is extracted from fuel, for us humans the main source and food. That is why anyone who wants to increase energy, gain strength and achieve better results you need to be aware of sports nutrition .

Thinking about it we have separated some 5 essential tips to improve your group’s sports nutrition .

In sports nutrition, prioritize fresh and healthy food.

Informing your group that it is not necessary to eat a lot, but to eat with quality and properly is the first step.

So the advice is simple: decrease and limit your intake of industrialized products (such as snacks, and other industrial foods). This type of food contains calories that do not nourish our cells.

These foods may even generate a false feeling of satiety, but over time they do not help at all. Only fresh foods will help maintain your group’s ratings.

Besides helping to recover from injuries, improving physical tiredness and guaranteeing better results .

Think of the variety

Your group must be informed and familiar with balanced nutritional nutrition.

Include foods from each group in your diet, but do it differently. If after that you identify deficiencies, one way out may be to resort to vitamin supplements.

Pyramid-based nutrition includes 6 food groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water.

A good balance between them will be ideal for the improvement in sports nutrition of your group.

Think about the menu, but also the meal times.

In addition to thinking about what to eat it is important to know when to eat. Therefore, the ideal is that meals are always made at the same time .

In addition, good sports nutrition requires that the athlete not stay more than 5 hours without eating or drinking anything. This can undermine your income.

Another important issue is to coordinate meal times with training times. After all, it is necessary to have enough energy for the whole day, without ending up feeling bad about training with a very full stomach.

Think about the taste of things.

Healthy food will taste great without the need for excessive seasoning.

Sauces, peppers and salt in large quantities often contain high levels of condiments that can be harmful to health by increasing rates like cholesterol.

Limiting sugar is also important. Give preference to the original flavor of things and you will certainly find pleasure, even without excess spices.

Sports supplements can improve results.

supplements may be necessary in cases where food cannot meet needs alone.

As each one has a different genetics and that is why our organisms develop differently too, if someone in the group needs it, supplementation can be a way out.

It is important to supplement properly to ensure that little help in achieving goals more quickly and effectively . But the type of supplementation must be well thought out to end up not harming the athlete’s nutrition in the long run.

Food should be thought of individually and according to the needs and objective of each person, taking into account that the variety, the time of food intake and the quality of what we eat can help a lot to improve the nutrition of your running group.

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