To have well-being and quality of life it is necessary to invest in addition to sports. One of the points that needs to be analyzed is the food menu, as it is he who regulates the foods and calories that each one should eat at each meal. So the question arises: “how to improve food”?

We have separated 6 tips to help you in this process!

The importance of healthy eating

Having a meal routine is very important to regulate your body and eat what you need at the right time. Other than that, a balanced diet guarantees more disposition, less fatigue, in addition to avoiding excess body fat gain.

Therefore, to regulate your menu you need a specialist, a nutritionist who will guide the best options for your day to day.

As an impact, healthy eating will ensure that your body meets your needs better, has greater responses from immunity , in addition to breaking some necessary taboos, how to cut excess food and follow diets, like low carb .

The importance of having a healthy diet goes beyond organizing your schedules and meals, but understanding what and why you should not eat such foods at a certain time or in excess. Another point is that all knowledge is valid and it needs to come from an expert, so don’t pan out for recipes from the internet.

How to improve food?

Having clarified the importance of a good diet, let’s go to the 6 tips I have separated to help improve your menu :

6 dicas de como melhorar a alimentação

1. Make an appointment

I again emphasize the need for a consultation! If you are not a nutritionist, seek the assistance of one so that you do not have any type of deficiency in your menu, be it vitamins or proteins.

Seeking a consultation with this professional makes all the difference, given that he has studied and knows how to guide an adequate diet for each type of profile. In addition, it is he who will solve your doubts, explain how it is possible to make substitutions and what will be suitable for your goal.

2. Drink water

Water is an extremely important liquid for the organism, as it hydrates the body, reduces the risk of some problems, such as kidney stones, in addition to ensuring better functioning of the body.

In general, it ensures that your body is regulated, in addition to being an ally in your immunity. So drink what you need each day and enjoy its benefits, whether it is a reduction in swelling or no longer having dry skin.

3. Know the foods

Knowing what you eat changes a lot and how you relate to food. The ideal is to know some classes of foods, such as legumes, vegetables, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Having this base helps when assembling your dishes, because, depending on your case, you will have to assemble your meals more freely, of course following a criterion.

Therefore, knowing each type of food makes your food richer, in addition to being able, for example, to invest in foods that increase immunity , following each type of food for a given situation.

4. Make substitutions

This goes for lovers of sweets or processed foods! You need to invest in some substitutions, so talk to your nutritionist to find out how to do it.

If you like to eat chocolate, look for one with a higher percentage of cocoa, like 70%. If you like to use sugar, choose brown, as it will have a little fiber.

The same goes for food fast food . It is normal to feel like eating from time to time, so feel free to make a meal like this on the weekend, but make up for it in other foods with fiber, protein and vegetables. The focus is not to miss anything your body needs!

5. Exercise

One factor that will help your health, in addition to food, is the regular physical exercise. For your diet to be effective and your body to respond, it is worth to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and invest in the expenditure of calories moving the body.

And don’t think it has to be intense! Exercise moderately and follow the minimum recommended by the WHO of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity each week.

So you guarantee more well-being and quality of life .

6. Don’t restrict yourself!

Finally, know that eating well is not cutting out carbs or foods you like. A balanced diet guarantees substitutions and foods that manage to be healthy and are not as processed.

Keep your mind calm and don’t create blockages to change habits! The ideal is to get out of the bubble and invest in new attitudes , so think about your health and how it will be beneficial to experience new opportunities.

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