Our lives follow a frenetic pace today and this is one of the (several) reasons that has led society to rethink its habits, especially eating habits, leaving the question: do we have a healthy diet?

Consumption, expenses, travel and of course, food. In this text we will bring 10 tips for healthy eating.

To lose weight or keep it off. Or even to live a balanced life, betting on a healthy and balanced diet is a choice that can change the life of any of us.

alimentação saudável

Balanced food

An ideal diet should first of all be a balanced diet.

The diet must contain nutrients necessary to live a healthy life, therefore, there must be a balance of both micronutrients and micronutrients.

The ideal is to eat more energetic foods (like carbohydrates) during the day, and more structured foods (like proteins and healthy fats) at night.

Diet planning

Anyone who wants a balanced diet should follow a planned diet.

The ideal, in this case, is to look for a specialist who develops an eating plan for your goals and needs. Avoiding improvisation and the substitution of these foods is a fundamental step when following a diet.

A planned and varied diet will help to achieve a healthy diet, having a focus on maintaining it is also essential. This is a big step towards healthy eating.

Carry out the correct number of meals

Eating 5 times a day can be a good way out.

Eat three main meals and two complementary meals (which can be fruit, or yogurt, for example). In addition, whoever wants to eat healthy should think about the interval between meals.

Drinking water is part of the food

Drinking between 2 and 5 liters of water a day can help a lot in healthy eating. After all, our body is largely composed of this element.

Therefore, drinking water guarantees a better functioning of our body. We have already written here about its importance.

Replacing fried foods with roasted foods

Avoiding fried or high-fat foods is a simple tip that helps keep your diet healthy.

Consume more fibers

Increasing fiber consumption can help anyone who wants to eat healthy. The average consumption of fiber foods should be between 20 and 40 grams per day.

A fiber-rich food is one that contains five or more grams of it in proportion. If you want healthy eating, you can eat between four and around caves or vegetables a day.


Don’t forget that meal! Eating food in the morning is very important, as they will give you energy to carry out activities during the day.

In a healthy diet you can prepare a yogurt with pieces of dried fruit and granolas, for example.

Avoid some foods

Foods that are highly industrialized, for example, or those that contain a lot of fat should be avoided.

A healthy diet is one in which our cholesterol levels (for example) are controlled.

Think about changing habits

Making lifestyle changes gradually can be more difficult than making them suddenly.

Therefore, following a balanced diet, but one that also brings you pleasure and satisfaction when eating is fundamental.

Always think that a food that comes out of your meal, however tasty it may be, is preventing you from eating healthy.

Balance is the key to the issue

We cannot say that there are good and bad foods, but good or bad eating plans.

Don’t feel guilty for wanting to consume some food that you like, but that has high levels of fat, for example.

If you allow yourself to consume food like this, but in moderation it is the key to proportionally achieving food balance. This way you will be allowing yourself, but you will keep your diet healthy.

Have no doubts about the positive effects of healthy eating . Do you know anyone who needs these tips? Share on social media and help your friends eat healthier!